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2020 Annual Giving Campaign

This year, the Harvey Milk Parent Faculty Club will spend $330,000 to close the school’s budget gap and to maintain the staffing and programs that our children need to excel and succeed. Support our school through the Annual Giving Campaign, the Parent Faculty Club’s biggest fundraiser of the year!

Funds Go to Vital Programs

Watch our Annual Giving Campaign videos to see the impact of your donations

  • $25 can help ensure that all students receive occupational therapy support during distance learning
  • $50 can help provide trainings organized by the DEI Committee to support us in being a multiracial community oriented towards social justice
  • $100 can help ensure that our paraprofessionals have the equipment they need for distance learning
  • $250 can help provide distance learning supplies
  • $500 can contribute to the professional development for our staff
  • At $1,000 per student, we will reach our $175,000 goal
  • $2,000 can support culinary education through The Breakfast Project, connecting kids with each other and their place in history and culture
  • $3,000 can help ensure students have access to a full time social worker and reading intervention specialist
  • $5,000 can help fund a classroom teacher to keep class sizes small throughout each grade

“One More Month”

What did preschool or childcare cost before starting Harvey Milk? Invest “one more month” of tuition in your child’s education!

Each and Every Gift Makes a Difference!

Last year’s average donation was $1000.  Donations ranged from $1 to $10,000. Every gift is appreciated and celebrated!

Many Ways to Give

Credit or Debit Card

Make a one-time or recurring monthly donation by credit card.

Write a Check

Donate by check to save us the 2.2% online processing fee. Make checks payable to “Harvey Milk Parent Faculty Club.”

Double Your Donation Through Corporate Matching

Corporate matching is an easy way to double or even triple your donation to the Harvey Milk Parent Faculty Club, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Tax ID 46-5672780. Many companies support employee philanthropy by offering corporate matching gift programs. By taking advantage of your corporate matching gift program, you can maximize the value of your gift at no additional cost.  Click here for more information.

Tax Deductible

Harvey Milk Parent Faculty Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, Tax ID 46-5672780. Your gift is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Show Your Support

Spread the word on social media and ask your friends to join us in supporting the Peaceful Penguins at Harvey Milk.

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Thank You to Our 2019-20 Donors!

  • Anonymous (19)
  • Robin Allan and John Gordan
  • Shanan Alper
  • Daniel and Anna Andefors
  • Jo Ann Anderson
  • Luis Antonio
  • Laura Ash
  • Evan Bass
  • David and Renata Becker
  • Jeremy and Monica Becker
  • Mary Becker
  • Alice Beneicke
  • Todd Bennett
  • Irene and Dan Bertolucci
  • Katie Bethell
  • Nicole and John Blaylock
  • Kris Bobeck
  • JoAnn Bolek
  • Ryan Brandau and Ian Ferguson
  • Cormac Brick and Susan O’Sullivan
  • Michelle Brinich
  • Paul and Tanya Brinich
  • Melinda Brooks
  • Bonnie and Paul Brown
  • Doug and Heather Brown
  • The Brown Family
  • Eva Bubunzer-Paim
  • Dave Budin and Beth Staton
  • Amy Bunn
  • Lydia Burton
  • Barbara Post Campbell
  • Lily Canavan
  • Julieta Cervantes
  • Cory Chechile and Dimitra Farmas
  • Bethany Clark
  • Louis Clark and Anja Oefler
  • Cliff’s Variety
  • Sara Cohen
  • Joe and Ellery Cook
  • Aksel Cox Covey
  • Lisa Covey
  • Truxton Cox Covey
  • Molly Davis
  • Kathryn Diamond
  • Sarah Diegnan and Oona Marti
  • Dana Doron
  • Doshi Becker Family
  • Christoph Droesser and Andrea Cross
  • Penny Eardley
  • Bridget Early
  • Jennifer and Matthew Edwards
  • Estelle Sobel Elinson
  • Endres Rihm Family
  • Margaret Erickson
  • Rui and Chiya Ewald
  • Enzia Farrell
  • James Farrell
  • Vashti Ferguson
  • Janette Fernández
  • Jessica Fernandez
  • Keren Florian
  • Genie and David Foster
  • Ginny Martinez Foster
  • Donnie Fowler and Heather Stephenson
  • Kelly Fox and Rafe Gabel
  • Ross Fubini and Karen Merzenich
  • Stefan and John Gaffney
  • James Gale
  • Ana Galvez
  • Ryan Garcia and Melissa Forrest-Garcia
  • The Gelbman Family
  • The Goodes
  • James Gourgoutis and Dawn Gordon
  • Grand Ducal Council of SF
  • Laura Griffiths and Vince Russo
  • Marlene and Buzz Guroff
  • Nick Guroff and Lindsey Cole
  • Mike and Lee Hall
  • David Hamlet and Jennifer Harris
  • Steve and Joni Harman
  • Ann Hatch
  • Matthew Helgesen (in memory of)
  • Scott Herber
  • Mary and Bob Hickok
  • The Holland Family
  • Jennifer Horner
  • Susan Hubl
  • Jill Iazzetta
  • Ji-Yoon In
  • Adam Jacob
  • Sandy and Per Johnsen
  • Eric Daniel Jones
  • Joe Kannegaard
  • Cara Kelsey
  • Steve Kerns and Aimee Gremore
  • Lambourne/Smart Family
  • Donny Lau
  • Trudi Lee
  • Kang Chi Lin
  • Colby Lin-Conrad
  • Joyce Lin-Conrad and Mark Conrad
  • Penelope Lin-Conrad
  • Gaynor Lloyd
  • Yvette Lorenz
  • Marc Lusinchi
  • Ariana, Josh, Neva and Willa Macdonald
  • Susan MacDonald
  • Grandpa Bob Maddox
  • Darren Main
  • Ame Maloney
  • Johnnie and Allison Manzari
  • Jen Marley and David Rice
  • Sonia Martin and Gus Gunn
  • Rheanna Martinez
  • Tia Martinez and Clare Sears
  • Ann McDonald
  • Meghan McDowell
  • Beth Mcmillen
  • Deb McMullen
  • Laura McMullen and Joshua Sckolnick
  • Greg and Lianne Mech
  • Jamie Meltzer and Rebecca Foster
  • Monte Meltzer
  • Mohammad Mertaban
  • Diane and Michael Merzenich
  • Avery Mordo
  • Candice Mordo
  • Jean and Barbara Mordo
  • Jessica and Nate Mordo
  • Riley Mordo
  • Lynn and Andrew Newman
  • Jo Paxinos
  • Marisa Pearl and Nat Kreamer
  • Anita Pedersen
  • Ralph and Julie Pollaro
  • Tarrah and Joe Pollaro
  • The Poort Family
  • Anna Ralph
  • Willie Ramirez and Rocco Lamanna
  • Matt Reedy and Ray Lapointe
  • Ana Reyes
  • Wendy Hickok Robinson
  • Theo Rodden
  • The Roggero Family
  • Ronald and Marilyn Rotter
  • Alma Ryan
  • Arthur Ryan
  • Joy Ryan
  • Celia Saino and Dan Ratner
  • Patricia Sandoval and Jon Kannegaard
  • Dan Sapone and Gretta Speakman
  • Nasreen Sattar
  • Alex Schroeder
  • Alyssa Schroeder
  • Michael and Esta Schwartz
  • Miles Sckolnick
  • Gisela and Seth Schwartz
  • The Sergeant Family
  • George (Mr. Guy) Shardlow
  • Dixie Shipp
  • Quentin Shuldiner and Samya Sattar
  • Silva Family
  • The Smart Family
  • Brian Smith and Kathy Edwards
  • Carol Smith
  • Simon Smith and Alice Beneicke
  • The Smith Family Trust
  • William J. Smith Trust
  • Valerie Sobel-Twain
  • Sandy (Miss Goody) Sohcot
  • Heinrich Sparla
  • Sekani Spero
  • Ellen Spertus and Keith Golden
  • David Spring
  • Jenny and Jon Spring
  • Owen Starr and Darren Arkava
  • Daniel Steinmetz
  • Rowan Stepanian’s Cookie Stand
  • Dave and Carole Anne Stephenson
  • Andy Storch
  • Brian Stokle and Sara Budin
  • Gerry and Ellie Stokle
  • Kate Sylvester
  • Cindy Tawaratsumida
  • Aronel Taylor
  • The Tethong Simonian Family
  • Friedemann Thomas and Lisa Caccavo
  • Heidi and Adam Tobin
  • Adrien Toro and Peter Gordon
  • Cindy and Jonathan Tran
  • Matteo and Colleen Vianello
  • Sabine and Sven Van Der Sluis
  • Lynette Weick
  • Heath Wickline and Erica Kesel
  • Sharon Wildstein
  • Sandra Willwerth
  • Kevin Wooley and Elisa Kannegaard
  • Yatskan Family
  • Ayumi Yezerski
  • Angie Zine

Thank You to Our Corporate Matching Partners!

  • Apple Inc.
  • Gensler
  • Google
  • Intel
  • Levi Strauss Foundation
  • LinkedIn Corporation
  • Salesforce
  • SiriusXM
  • Visa, Inc.
  • Walt Disney Company Foundation



Questions? Email donations@harveymilk.com.